Scott Hemmeter

SaaS Entrepreneur | Technology Executive

I am a SaaS entrepreneur and technology executive residing in Orange, California. I’ve been working in tech for 25+ years with a focus on Salesforce since 2002. I started in consulting and moved onto building apps on the Salesforce AppExchange. I have built & delivered 5 profitable apps on AppExchange serving 1000s of customers. As a participant in the Salesforce ecosystem, I earned the Salesforce MVP designation and am now in the MVP Hall of Fame.

I built & launched Geopointe on AppExchange in 2010. Geopointe grew to become one of the top apps on the AppExchange and I built a team of over 60 people to help in delivering a high quality product to 1000s of customers across the globe. Geopointe merged with LevelEleven in 2020 to form Ascent Cloud. I am now an advisor and board member with Ascent Cloud.

I discovered a new generation of No/Low Code solutions in 2020 and I am just as excited about them as I was about Salesforce in the early 2000s. I see so much potential in these tools and this is the tech I am becoming focused on. Tools such as Airtable, Notion, Bubble, Webflow, Adalo, Softr, Glide, Zapier, and many others can be utilized to provide top notch solutions to businesses of all sizes. They are very compelling, well built, and can be stitched together nicely.